Cereal Chemistry & Grain Quality Group

1. Quality survey and evaluation of grains for staple food in China
2. Assessing the science and safety of grain processing
3. Standardization works on grain products and detection methods

1. Establish the Regulation of crop quality survey & report and classification system of staple grain
2. Develop the databases of crop quality
3. Moderate degree processing of grain & the quality guarantee period
4. Food additive research, necessary for grain & food processing and safety estimation as well as monitoring of illegal additives

1. The survey system of grain quality report and its extension in China
2. Quality control system of processing & storage of wheat, rice and corn
3. Quality assessment technology of grain and its products
4. Rapid detection technology of grain quality in grain circulate chain including purchase, storage and processing
5. Effects of food additive and the mechanisms
6. Strategic & technological research on optimized utilization of wheat resource in China and worldwide range

Resume of professors:
Dr. SUN Hui, professor, received her Ph.D. degree in Plant Genetics and Breeding from China Agricultural University in 1998. Following graduation, she has been working in ASAG on grain quality and standardization. Her research was funded by National Natural Science Foundation of China, the 11th Five-Year-Supporting Program of Science & Technology Development of China et al. The projects center around the change of protein, starch and microstructures during long-term storage and its relationship with grain quality deterioration, evaluation system of wheat quality and wheat food safety. She was rewarded the 2012 ICC ‘Harold Perten Award’ because of her outstanding works on Cereal Science. She also achieved the ‘Science and Technology Progress Award of Chinese Cereals and Oils Association (CCOA)’ for 3 times in 2009 and 2010, respectively, and ‘Chinese Standard Innovation Award’ in 2009. She succeeded in leading 16 Chinese national standards and 1 ISO standard (ISO7290) released. As a nominated expert, she is now participating in the revision or establishing works of 6 ISO standards. She had 53 publications in Food Chemistry, Journal of the Chinese Cereals and Oils Association, China Crops et al. She is also the vice-president of Fermented Flour Based Food Sub-association of CCOA and member of the Expert Panel of Wheat Sub-committee of Crop Variety Approval Committee of Beijing

Academy of State Administration of Grain
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